Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome home

Flew into SeaTac from Boston at 9:30pm on Friday night, got in the Burb and headed straight to Skykomish to meet the wife and kids. 11pm = 2am east coast time, and that was the time I was on when I got to that cold ass cabin.
Up early the next morn and off to the pass. Snowing all day, blizzard style. Shit was cold and fun. Sunday...lessons day for me and the boys.   First off, Milo has been putting off a book report due this Friday, so the long arm of the MOM was thrown down and ole Milo had to spend the day in the cabin, doing homework, while Mac and I were at the pass riding 15" of new, cold, light ass, cherry cherry pow pow under blue bird skys.  DUDE, do your fucking homework ok? 

This is Hogs chairlift at 8:45am on a 15" pow day with the parking lots full.  Odd.  Specially when they open at 9.  Shit was running, no one on em and We-Gnar and I lapped the shit out of it. 
Lesson number 2 of the day.  If it doesn't look good, bail.  Over zealous soccer Dad decides to bring two 8 year olds into Shims, and the consequences were large.  All ice runs getting in, one slip and the kids were pin balling thru the trees.  Common sense grabbed hold of me, and we turned and hiked our asses out of there with our tails between our legs. 
Gnar a little Gnar.
Enough snow fell in Skykomish so Washingtons newest shred area opened up for night operations.  Skull Mountain is running.  Mi got enough of the book report done that long arm of the law Moms let his ass one foot the stump.
Then throw one out there with proper NW form, while pops downed a proper Session in between photos.
Euro indy for Joni.
Gnar throwing one down on the pvc pipe.
Off to Baker on Monday for the Banked Slalom qualifiers for Next Gen with Gnar.  Roads were BRUTAL.  I know it ain't snowing anywhere else in the country, but it's snowing like a mo-fo here.  This is I-5.  Shits sposed to be plowed.
Road to Baker.
Meier, Gnar, Kaola, and Frank.
Riders meeting
"Run thru the gates this way."
Temple and Cannon
Say your prayers...yea right.  Gnar going in for the kill. 
So there were 15 kids in Next Gen qualifier.  6 of em were 11 years old, 2 were 10, and a grip were 8 like Mac.  Mac HAMMERED out a 4th place with one practice slip.  Dude rode the thing like he was trying to keep up with his brother.  On rails the whole time too.  2 seconds shy of qualifying for the big day as they only took 3 riders.  I guess I should of waxed his deck. 
Sorry little buddy.  Proud of you anyway.


  1. I had to show the wife the blog post since we sometimes wonder if we are the only parents who have kids that dont do their homework and in turn miss out on the shred!