Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas Break ed-it

15 out of the last 18 days on the snow, as we nestled up in Skykomish for the holidays, while I occasionally worked from the mountain office. Without a doubt, Stevens Pass has the best snow in the USA these days. Shit was firing while we were on break. Yea, a rain day or two, but that shit would turn to blue sky later in the day and the snow would be soft and fun. And then...and then the snow came. And came, and came. Shit, they'd report 3", we'd ride a dozen. They'd say there'd be a dozen of new, there was a foot and a half. Back to back to back pow days. And while MSN and USA Today are reporting how ski area's are hurting, Stevens broke there all time attendance record. The Terror Squad was on point too over the break. New shit was learned and no one got hurt. Enjoy, and Happy New Year.


  1. Kid Fresh9:24 AM

    Thanks for the time spent putting this up. Meier is going to flip. "I am can be seen by millions of people".

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    looks good, 1st smile in a day. I wish it would snow already.

  3. I just threw my arms up signaling touchdown when cameraman got too close to the action

    Looks like a rowdy little snow gang taking shape...

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    yea yohan. you're really good at filming yourself.

  5. the young generation is going to KILLLLLLLL IT when they get to be the ripe old age of 15