Sunday, January 23, 2011

SIA 2011

Year 19 for me coming to this deal. Funny that after 19 years I'm real happy to be sitting in row 2D, drinking my second bloody thinking about that first year.
The year was 1993 and I was working in the Sport Stalker in Steamboat doing rental ski's while trying to get our snowboard shop off the ground, Stalker Snowboards. Along the way I got to help out some Euro friends at Radical Airlines so they wanted me to come to Vegas to not speak broken english to potential customers. So me and a guy name Party Smarty jumped in his van, called the Deer Killer, as it had murdered a half a dozen deer and elk in it's travels. Anyway, Party looks over at me in the passenger seat all excited like and goes "Johan, I got ONE rule in this van. When ever we cross a line, any kind of line, city, county, highway or breakdown we DO a line! Ha ha ha!"
I'm like "dude, good luck with that shit, pull over and I'll pick up a case of beer and drink one everytime. That shits all yours boss." And off we went. 11 hours later, a 12 pack down and a 8-ball up the nose and I was in Vegas.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    deer killer-cracked me up.

  2. Did you get another pair of fancy shoes for this event?

  3. wifey2:39 PM

    your killing it hon!