Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rahlves Bonzai Tour...Stevens Pass

Old Daron paid it forward this week for us, that's for sure. As a 4 time Olympic athlete, X Games winner, 12 World Cup wins...the list goes on, the dude SHOULD command a good ($) price to speak at events. But ole D said fuck it, "book me a couple days extra so I can go up to the Stabbin Cabin and ski at Stevens with the kids and I'm in."
See Gums is in this Seattle executive group that has all these upper echelon type people come and speak to them once a month. D was on the hit list for the last year and a half but a little event called the Olympics got in his way of coming out last year. He showed up on Wednesday with a 3 person entourage consisting of fuck face Tony, Kevin and Tom and off we went with out his consent to Northbeach Elementary where Mac and Milo met him at the Bronco 2. A quick speech of "follow your dreams" to Mac's second grade class led to a 1/2 hour fan-a-thon from the gym teacher with Milo's 5th grade class. Off to the cabin where 3 of the execs came out and got acquainted with D, while he got to know Mr. Session and Mr. Cazoldories until 2am. Off to the hill for a SNOWBOARD sesh and we were Seattle bound for a video highlight along with question and answer session for the man. Shit, we had to wear sport coats and ties (didn't have one) and were rubbing elbows with the dudes who run Seattle. The funny thing was, they were all filthy ass mother fuckers. They enjoyed the ski story's and all but when it came to question and answers, the one question that kept coming up was "so tell us about all the pussy you got on the road." Awesome.

Dream team: Tom, Moi, Sabs, Mac, Kev, Milo and D.
So this one time I was in ski camp and...
Hmmm, this stuffs tasty.
Two out of three people here are real uncomfortable in the costumes.


  1. I watched the Hahnenkamm today with my cock on rock. Heaviest shit on snow, ever.
    Your mans won that shit: respect.

  2. poorPISS10:17 AM

    mugatu is NOT uncomfortable in that suit.

  3. I've seen that monkey suit. Bet you haven't worn that shit in, oh...say 7 years.

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  5. Is that KF's old suit pre pudgy?

  6. The Toe4:19 PM

    Damn, looking good. Now please don't ever wear this again.