Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tenny Mountain

Dude...Burdon Curls like this USED to go DOWN on this hill back from 1985 - 1988. THIS was the hill we went to and were pretty much the only cats wiggling down the ice on our Elite 140's. Sparky, Bud, Buzzard, Stick, Chicko, Mally, Luna, Zip...names like that were synonymous with owning that place. Now it's up for sale? Shit, who wants to go in with me and own a east coast hill?

"Who wants to buy it? NH ski resort to go on auction block November 18, 2010
PLYMOUTH, N.H.—A New Hampshire ski area that owes the town of Plymouth $170,000 in back taxes is going on the auction block. The Tenney Mountain ski area in Plymouth and Groton includes 445 acres of ski resort, 385 acres of vacant land and almost 40 acres of an undeveloped subdivision. The New Hampshire Union Leader says the ski area operated in six of the past seven winters on an increasingly bare-bones basis. The paper published an ad for the sale on Wednesday. Plymouth Tax Collector Linda Buffington says she has not received official notice of the sale."


  1. had many of days there. home to one of the first "half pipes" in the world

  2. Who won it?!?!?! Someone on the East Coast should totally get a small mountain and turn it into something like they have at Kingvale out in Lake Tahoe. Just an awesome all park hill for riders to progress.

  3. I'v been trying to get my 1.2 million together to buy Maple Valley in Vermont and turn it into an all park mountain, wanna go in on it with me Johan?

  4. Fuck Vermont. New Hampshire.