Friday, November 19, 2010

The Romany Rye

Blue sent out an invite the other day: "Hey... just sayin' I have a good excuse to hang in Ballard and drink on Thursday night, I'd love it if you wanted to join up and support a good friend. Luke MacMaster was one of the very first CAPiTA riders back in the day. Ripping skater and snowboarder with a bright future, blew his knee out, and started playing music. He ended up signing a major label deal with his old band "The Colour," recording sessions with The Strokes and Kings of Leon...etc. The Colour imploded for typical rock reasons (drugs, ego, and the fact that his old singer stole bob dylan's guitar) and so.....he's in a new band now called The Romany Rye. Kinda southern, kinda rocky, pretty mellow style, and real real good. It's basically his project as he's the singer, songwriter, guitar player."

I was a FAN of the Colour, even though they sounded like a modern poppy Cure. Regardless they were dope. And last night, watching Luke take the helm, damn. First question I asked him coming off stage was "how much pussy do you get???!!!" The Tractor was musty as hell last night during thier set is all I'm saying. Chicks were standing there in swampy pantys. As far as the dudes go, lets just say that thank God Sean Tedore was there, so I could get my huggin on.
If you get a chance to see these cats, do so. Good shit.



  2. The Best write up on Luke Scott ever.
    Of course Tedore was there.