Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A new grip of demo goods at C3-Shop

UFC Matt just got a bunch of demo decks on the C3-Shop site. Super good prices too. If you see something you like, click buy now as when we put the Union demo bindings up last month, they sold out in one night. Them dudes from the BMB bought that shit up quicker than a crack head. As a Tackledbox little extra extra reach around tickle treatment, use the promo code to the right here for 15% off, free shipping and add a set of Danny Kass bindings to your shred stick for $150. Bam!

"These boards are demo. They has been ridden. Used for on snow demos, The boards have been cleaned, waxed and the edges sharpened, for sale. All demo boards bought off this site have a One year warranty."

By the way, you know why Matt is UFC Matt right? He fought on 3 UFC cards way back when specializing in freestyle fighting and specializing in Brazilian waxing.

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Are there any promo codes right now?