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CAPiTA Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood Award Snowboards

2011 Transworld Good Wood Park Board over $400

Capita Stairmaster Extreme

This true twin brings the party to the park. A hopped-up version of Capita’s classic (and Good Wood-winning) Stairmaster, it has a lighter and snappier core, backed by a five-way, custom fiberglass weave for a more springy flex. It features a beefed-up, epoxy fiberglass construction around the edges with rubber dampening around them so you can lay it on jibs without cracking your edges or sidewall.

Sizes: 148, 152, 152W, 156, 156W, 159

Tester Feedback:

“Super fun jib board! Perfect on rails, and good pop for jumps.”

2010 Good Wood Capita Horrorscope FK
Capita Horrorscope FK, $349

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Awesome board for rail riding a little soft for bigger jumps. Great in pow though.”
“First impression, I thought this board would be just a noodle. But the edges held so well for how soft it was and it made jumping a possibility.”
“Total jib board, pretty fun.”
“This board is really fun on both jumps and rails. It’s got a good medium flex that’s stable on jump landings and easy to press. ”

2010 Good Wood Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK
Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK, $349

Here’s what the testers had to say:

“Pretty fun and jibby but way soft when it comes to jumping.”
“This board was so soft! Loved the torsional stiffness, but longitudinally it was almost too soft and wobbly.”
“Holy shit! This board was f*&kin’ amazing! I ride a 142-ish usually making this board pretty huge for me and I still felt right at home on it. That’s a rarity!”
“This board rules. The softest board you’ll ever ride and so fun on rails. Tail can give out a little if you’re sending it, but for rails and overall fun, this board rocks.”
“This is a fun park board, nice and buttery.”
“The most flexible board I’ve ever ridden. Perfect as a rail board.”

2009 Good Wood: Capita Stairmaster / Scaremaster

This true twin, even-flexing freestyle board will have you tearing through features in the park. With a softer flex and wider body, the Stairmaster is meant to be ridden in a shorter length. One run will reveal that this board is in its element in the park, but performs just as well all over the mountain.

Tester feedback:

“Pops with amazing power and snap. Powerful enough to charge, soft enough to enjoy. Perfect ‘any day at the mountain’ board.”

So sick! It felt like I was riding my own board. This was one of my favorites.”

Available sizes: 133, 138, 144, 148, 152, 152W, 156, 156W, 159


2009 Good Wood: Capita Saturnia

This true twin takes the best qualities of Capita’s Stairmaster and packages them into a board built for the ladies. With biaxial fiberglass, it’s light, strong, and easy to ride through the park. And the perfect pop is accompanied by a friendly flex.

Tester feedback:

“This board felt awesome, smooth, and so comfortable in the park. Super easy to press on rails, but still smooth and solid on jumps.”

“This is a really fun all-around board. It feels very stable over bumps, jumps, and on landings, while keeping good flex for maximum fun on rails.”

Available sizes: 140, 143, 146, 149, 152


2009 Good Wood: Capita FCG

It might be billed as a pipe board, but don’t think for a second that it can’t perform on the rest of the mountain. With its directional shape, twin nose and tail, and carbon stringers running along its edges, the Food Court Gangstar is really a rip-it-all pipe board.

Tester feedback:

“This board rocks for the way I ride. It feels great, you can just get into having fun riding on everything.”

“Very nice shape, quick edge-to-edge and very lively.”

Available sizes: 153, 155, 157, 159, 161


2008 Mens Good Wood Board Test
Top Five Pipe Boards

Capita MHT

The redesigned directional twin has a radial sidecut but with a longer nose than tail-a perfect shape for the pipe. This design allows the board to enter and exit turns on the same arch with a smooth consistent turning radius, but the board is more versatile in varying conditions.

Tester feedback:
“It was pretty stiff, which was awesome in the pipe. The board felt really stable all around and was even fun on the jumps.”
“Holds an edge great even through a kink in the pipe.”

Available sizes: 152, 157, 161

Top Ten Men’s Park Boards Over $400

Capita Indoor Survival

Two X-shaped carbon fiber beams in the center of this true twin board deliver plenty of torsional stiffness while still keeping the tip and tail flexy for jibbing. A smooth radial sidecut and centered stance complete the stick.

Tester feedback:
“This board honestly crushed every section of the park. With perfect flex spinability and tracking in turns, this board is the whole package.”
“Perfect pop for me-quick, snappy. Ninja on takeoffs. Nice flex for jibbing. Nice and light flying around turns.”

Available sizes: 152, 154, 156, 158, 160

TransWorld Top 10: 2001 Capita Black Snowboard of Death

Don’t let the intimidating board graphics fool you¿test cards conclude that the Black Snowboard of Death model is especially fun and easy to ride. With a narrow waist width of 24 centimeters and a soft flex pattern, stability isn’t the focus of Capita’s first-year offering. As Jenke put it: “the Black Snowboard of Death is kinda skittish, but super fun on smaller jumps¿good pop and sidecut.”

Even though Ami thought “it performed equally well everywhere,” jumps and rails are where the Black Snowboard of Death really shines. Effortless turn initiation and a nice, snappy flex made other test boards feel lethargic in comparison. If 70-foot tables or 40-foot cliffs are your thang¿get the J. Brown/Blue Montgomery creation out of your head. But if techy rides through the park are on your agenda, and your feet are in the zone of normality, check this one out.

Length (cm): 158
Effective edge (cm): 124.3
Sidecut Radius (m): n/a
Waist Width (cm): 24

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