Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Matt Goodwill

I got a collection of old snowboards that I’m pretty stoked on. There’s a few key Radical Airlines out of Euroland in there. A Reto Lamm pro model that I’m really pumped on, seeing how the base graphics came from me sitting around looking at a Playboy during the summer of 93 and cutting out a ass and legs shot, taping it to the base of a snowboard outline and mailing them over to Austria where Rad Air was located. Reto took a look at the ghetto attempt and chose it as his base for his deck. Anyway, got a signed Regis Rolland A deck, a signed Damian Sanders Avalanche, and a signed Sherman Poppin Snurfer super sport. There’s also a Burton Elite 140 (my first ride), Skeeter, Sims Kidwell horizontal lam, Liquid race deck, Farmer, MIA Mighty Bosstones deck, Unity twin towers, Wintersticks and a grip of CAPiTA’s all in the collection too. Added to the collection is a Morrow 170 Freepro or Multipro. A buddy that runs the bar up in Skykomish gave it to me. It’s Matt Goodwill’s personal deck that he WON the Alaska King of the Hill on in 93. How sick is that? Matt was always one of my favorites. The part he had in Fall Line in Revelstoke was insane. “A day before the trip a friend called and asking us to give a chance to a guy named Matt Goodwill. We said Matt who? But after some persuasion, we gave him a chance and by the end of the trip we definitely knew the name. Matt Goodwill.” Go to min 8:40 for his section. Morrow used to do this thing called the Drive Tour way back when. They’d take their pro shreds and go ski town to ski town and have them shred with the shop dudes in hopes of building the brand. Matt came to Steamboat and we got to take him on a tour of our hill. Dude was from sea level and we started to hike at like 9,000 feet to get to the goods. Goodwill is dying walking at that altitude and wanted to turn around. I remember telling him that the weather station trailer at the top of the hike had pizza and soda in it and when we got to the top I’d buy him some. He was pissed when we got to the top and when we got to the section we thought was kind of gnarly, the dude strapped in and straight lined the whole thing, where it took us a dozen or so turns to get down. I think it was that moment that all of us realized we’d never be pro shreds and should stick to being booze bags.


  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    hahaha awesome

    more of these types of stories please! its not like you're busy


  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    so many weird songs! Nobody on earth ever heard any of those songs, except kids with those videos...

    FLF responsible for half my quotes, too... "el nino: a two to three degree warming etc etc etc" and "ride the dog and sent him a bus ticket" are still fully utilized parts of my lexicon...


    PS Goodwill was bout it.

  3. It was some corny shit back then with the FLF guys talking the whole video but now looking back at it, the talking got you on the inside of the story that was going down.

    FLF, Creatures and Standards movies built my music collection back then. Big Drill Car??? Shit I'd kill to have those mp3's. We saw the Cadillac Tramps play in San Diego back when this was out. Holy crap was it rowdy.

  4. Anonymous6:00 PM

    word, the tramps actually played at the university i went to on the last day of classes in this big beer garden area, it was chaos


  5. El Hefe8:32 PM

    You want that Goodwill signed?

  6. Yep.

    Oh and add to the collection is a Steepwater signed by Klassen.

  7. "i zigged when i should have zagged."

    the FLF narration was my favorite. as a 10 year old kid, i soaked that shit up.... i wish films today had more narration in them. maybe the new breed of kids would realize that snowboarding is more than....oh nevermind. thanks FISTofBLOG for uploading this stuff..

  8. Anonymous3:41 AM

    yeah i watched all those movies i screened flf at arin adams house and zack watkins thought goodwills part was gay so that caused me to be pissed was cuz his reasons were all based on style and he didn't like goodwills style in retrospect he wuz probably right but he's like 40 now and i'm glad i don't hang around snowbird trying to snowboard for free mittens its better to hit it and quit it than to end up looking bad,, i only looked bad on a snowboard when i first started when i finished i looked plenty fine.

  9. Anonymous3:43 AM

    oh yeah don't buy weed from zack he's a big pincher..