Friday, June 13, 2008

Funk Authority

Milo can't wait to sing this song Saturday!


  1. Anonymous11:34 PM

    So let me get this straight. You own a kick ass snowboard company, mob the slopes a 100+ days a year around the globe, are an highly trophied ex pro BMXer (and currently sponsored racer), have two well behaved kids that are cross between Pistol Pete and The Sproken Cat, hang out with punk rock bands (on stage no less), are a dedicated husband and part-time therapist and you troll the local waterways in your wakeboard boat. Jeez, if you just drove a decent car and got a nose job you would be a real catch.

  2. speaking of FUNK

  3. Get your stories straight wart ear:
    -Employee and minority share holder in a fledging snow sports business.
    -Mob? More like a series of linked recoveries.
    -Never pro, amateur, much like this online journal.
    -2 awesomely active kids vs. 2 well behaved book readers.
    -know someone who knows people and therefore enjoy that relationship.
    -you got that right. Easier to give advice than take it.
    -my 19 year old boat is still in the garage. Gas is expensive this year.
    -GMC is decent and I live in Seattle not the OC. Leasing a vehicle at $1,000 a month so I can look like everyone else holds no interest to me.
    -this nose allows me to breath in the needed amounts of air to be long winded.
    -thanks Tony.

  4. Having a tracker is great Seabass, cause you can see who did what. Fuckstick.