Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snowboard Realms

Episode 30! WOW, in my opinion TJ stepped the snowboard movie making process up a couple notches this year. Weekly episodes that happened the week before, capturing all the action of not only himself but every other shred out there. They were definitely something I looked forward to checking out whenever released. He’s claiming on his site that 30 is the end for the season but homey was in here today and said that he’ll continue on thru the summer camp sessions at Camp Of Champs. Which by the way, the dude is GOD there. God gave me a couple answers to a few randumb questions about the series. Here they is:

Favorite Episode? “#21, the power runs with Joel (Frasier).

Best Shredding? “Episode 16 in Terrace and 13 in Edmonton.”

Biggest Challenge making Realms? “The little vid is A LOT of work. I Tunes is lame.”

What would you do differently if you could do it again? “I’d do it exactly the same, except use a smaller camera. Like a JVC HD with wide angle lens.”

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