Monday, January 15, 2007

Winners and Losers

Adam Garcia, Ross Colligen and Drew Carney were the three top sales dudes from Milo that jumped on a plane out here. Because the snow has been so epic, we decided to throw Shafack, Benny and LJ, the shop Managers and Owners in there too and give them a little preview of the 2007/08 line ups while they where here. It was like pulling teeth to get Shfack on a plane as the dude has an excuse for everything but somehow, we and HE managed it. Clown squad gets picked up bright and early at 9AM on Thursday morning and off we go to C3. Run thru the lines, do the tours, go shopping and pick out the 08 equipment that they want to shred, then off to Stevens. Get up for night time shushing and to THEIR surprise, rode pow. It was 15 degree's out and there was some good shit everywhere. Friday wake up early, cruise up with beacons and back country survival goods and rode some more amazing der, off the ridge. A quick 10 - 20 minute hike up the ridge and down you went, face shot after face shot. It was killer. On our 3rd or 4th lap up there, we run into Snowboard Mags photo editor, Jeff Baker and he's doing a run down the backside to the bottom of the pass. We tag along and get some of the best yet. It was probably 2000 - 2500 vertical of the fluffy. In celebration of the snow we made some good party that night. Learned to play C-Low and won a couple $1 bills along with throwing 20 beers down my gullet in celebration of all things white and cold. Came home from the bar to see Ross's head in the kitchen sink puking up the 6 beef stick, 10 packs of Gummy worms, and box of Oreo's he shoved down his throat. Good move, the toilet's like 3 steps further. Saturday we all wake up a bit Sammy Haggard but head to the hill anyway. First run was a hike out to Wenatchee Bowl for an adventure. We saw the lines from the parking lot, but I've never done them and was a little tenative on doing them. Ben was like, "fuck you pussy, we're doing it." So off we went. Once again, cherry cherry pow pow awaited us. It was unbelievable. The lift, hike, shred and hike back to the area took an hour so we had time for one more then off to the airport to drop the boys off. Shfack got man of the trip, will Ross got the POTTA award. That would be Pile Of The Trip Award. The trip was a success as we got to explore a bunch of new terrain that I've never ridden, make some new friends and damage my liver a little more but it was well worth it, cause we never hit a park jump the whole time. Thanks again MiloSport.

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