Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stratton Day 1

After a 4 hour drive to Stratton, which is supposed to take 2.5 (thanks for the directions Stick!) we arrived. Up nice and early, hit the hill and it's like freaking 20 below out. Sweet. See Darron Rahlves and he goes "today, you are going skiing." "Uh....ok, but I haven't really skied since 1988, except that one time in Steamboat and then again for 3 runs in Aspen 4 years ago." Whatever, find some ski boots and my feet start to scream. God damn, how the fuck do people put this shit on their feet and not put a gun in their mouths? Anyway, two top to bottom runs with the champ and I kinda feel like running it again tomorrow morning on the groomers. As the Jersey Jerks and Massholes like to say "yo chief, these fucking ski's here can cut!"

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