Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This weeks Super Duper Pro's

Stairmaster Extremes came and went quicker than Pumkinhead did on the coin toss two on one. We put away 150 decks and 75 binders for shop kids to snatch up at unreal prices. The Jeenyuses below were this weeks recipiants:
Murry Hodgson – Infamous Snow, Ellly Oom – Porters Tahoe, Siobhan Fitzpatrick – Zumiez, Mike Roghaar – Directive, Will King – Milosport Orem, Heather Mojer – Fat Trax, Danny Pelllissier – Zumiez, Nolan Morache – Eternal Snow, Dave Skinner – Unlimited Snow and Skate, Garrett Cope – Wavedancer Boardshop, Jeffrey Thorne – The Boardshop, Matt Sacchitiello – Hustler Skateshop, Ginny Arseneau – Alcatraz, Vickie Fain – Smitty’s, Evan Goldstrom – Allrose Skate, Jennette Boone – Chikka Skate and Snow, Big EARL – Underground Snowboards, T-Rex Sertic – BC Surf and Sport, Brandon Larson – The Youth Shelter Supply, Brad Boatwright – Sierra Snowboard & Ski, Devin Ruppert – Christy Sports & Jaden – Allrose.

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  1. hedder morehair in the underwear! what a poser!