Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Crapper Critic

Been travelling visiting shop after shop for the last month or so. It seems that every time we go to a shop, I get this urge to piss or crap. Every time I do this, I'm blown away at most shops bathrooms. Diss Guss Ting people. So I'm setting out on a worldwide Crapper tour to rate the US of A's best and worst shitters. You'll be able to know what shops you can drop pants and actually place your skin to the seat and which ones require a good set of hamstrings for the hovercraft action needed to get things done. Below is the criteria used to rate the porcelain thrones:

Cleanliness of bowl
Softness of asswipes
Reading material quality
Reading room space
Beat material present?
Extras (hand soap, towels, potpourri, candles, air freshener)
Overall rating (10 is tops, 1 is shit)

Get ready, cause the Crapper Critic is coming to blow up your bathroom!


  1. if a shop had a bidet, how would that affect your judgement?

  2. If you ever come to Canada I will show you a bowl so clean you can make punch in it.