Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Milosport, Orem UT

Cleanliness of bowl – as brown as Ross the Boss's Whitlake White shirt.
Softness of asswipes – 50 grit sand paper. I think they were brown too.
Reading material quality – skate and snow mags. Ok.
Reading room space – the worst. There’s a rack of wack gay ass Clickers in front of ya.
Beat material present? Yea right.
Extras (hand soap, towels, potpourri, candles, air freshener) – Jalapeno’s is more like it.
Overall rating (10 is tops, 1 is shit) – 2


  1. Woody Husks11:36 AM

    Function: verb
    transitive verb
    1 : to project spray or something resembling spray on or into ...spray the table... or spraying the wall with bullets
    2 : to disperse or apply as a spray...sprayed some perfume...
    intransitive verb
    1 : to break up into spray
    2 : to disperse or apply a spray
    3 : to emit a stream or spray of urine...a cat may spray to mark its territory.

  2. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Thanks for the racist reference.

    That's fucking lame, man. I thought you were better than that.

  3. you must be thinking of somebody else

  4. Rodney King10:32 AM

    What's wrong? Clickers ARE gay.