Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Focus, Madison WI

Cleanliness of bowl – some brown stains, but better than most.
Softness of asswipes – Costco
Reading material quality – had to bring my own Nitro catalog in. I realized that they do every board in two graphics and two widths. There line is HUGE.
Reading room space – awesome, after I got done blasting I took a siesta.
Beat material present? YES. A nice poster of that hot ass chick in the Cappel ads.
Extras (hand soap, towels, potpourri, candles, air freshener) – a book of matches, but that didn’t help the oder left from a butter burger and malt shake.
Overall rating (10 is tops, 1 is shit) – 6

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  1. Cornhole11:52 AM

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