Thursday, October 05, 2006

C3 is doing our part to enrich others lifes...

Check out this thank you note that was dropped in the C3 in box:

"dood, thanks for letting me hook up my chick...went down like this... gave her a t-shirt told her happy birthday... cooked her dinner and pretended that she should be stoked on her new T.. then when she was noticeably bummed, asked her if she could grab my shoes, hid the snowboard under my bed next to the shoes. she was amped. little bit later told her i needed a coldy...she grabbed a icey cold PBR out of the fridge where she found the binders...she was really fucken happy happy ... the rest of the night went like this.. roadhummer on the way to the grocery store. went to the movie, hummer after,'s she wake me up? yup dood gonna need to workout ass is tired.
how was the show rockstar?? i'll be up there again soon with more time to hang out and BBQ...trying to hook up tix to vikings/seahwks thanks again"

Your welcome Guy. C3 is THE company that cares about our friends relationships, and pledges to do OUR PART to contribute to the enrichment of your relationship type experience. Yeh!

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