Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bro Hymn

Blue, Dog Park Rob, Jonas and I roll down to see the Wise last night. O.P. Dustin failed to show up, and I got him a ticket. Guess that’s why he’s “off program” Dustin till he proves himself better.
Sold out show, we get our All Access Passes thanks to Fletcher and head onto the tour bus for some quality bro’n. Hear stories of crapping in a pool in Europe, then scooping it up and plastering the merch guy with it. We find it all entertaining.
Head into the packed place, Circle Jerks are belting out a set. Instead of waiting in line to pay for booze, we use the “all access pass” to whisk ourselves backstage to drink the bands free beer. C.J. finishes and the Wise take the stage. 4 people get on stage with the band, 3 of them were us. Shits going off, they were on. I decide that my throats a little parched so head back to get a beer. Roll by the guitarist of the C.J. teaming up on two young ones. Some rock star shit was happening for sure. It sure was nice to be the fly on the wall observing, then home for my own circle jerk. Yea, that’s what I’m talking about.


  1. NeiL-O10:14 PM


    Thanks for hooking me up with that backstage pass!