Thursday, September 14, 2006

RE: 250?

So tubby ass Bildo blazes me up with a email about his fat ass. The back and forth goes a little like this:
Bildo - Dude 230 lbs. of chiseled blue steel
Rick O'Shea - More like this fatso….
Bildo - Dood look at those fuckin pecs and lats Arnold Schwarzenegger wha-what? Lee Haney?

So I ask readers of The-Tacklebox this, how much do YOU think a man 6'3" and sporting this many chinz weighs in at?


  1. Betty Ford4:08 PM

    Hey Fatso, the way you look so longingly at that tasty brewski, you better just give me a call, you drunk.

  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon4:10 PM

    You love me, you really love me.

  3. Krispy Kreme5:22 PM

    I see Bill every morning. He's a regular around here. He likes to get a big black Cruller and two donut hole balls for some reason.

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Im gonna say 240 bob

  5. Mother Ocean8:55 AM

    The few times that you wade out, you displace a shitload of water like a super tanker and it really hurts me, the fish you grab by hand and gobble down on your paddle out don't appreciate it, and the sand you walk on hates you too