Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Nine Eleven

Man I rember that fucking day like it was five years ago. T-Bone, some buddy of his, Bildo Deyak and myself were all out on the Summer Hummer getting our wake on. Bone did his typical run which consisted of a couple of set up jumps to lauching a day wrecking tantrum out to the flats. He’d get in the boat and go “wakeboardings fucking gay dude.” But whatever, that morning was super blue bird, glassy as all hell and pretty eppy by wakeboarding standards. Bildo was actually getting his fat 250lb ass in the air. Everything was good, except we noticed that there wasn’t a plane in the sky. Which was weird cause the lake is over the flight pattern for the airport. The radio that day consisted of Howard Stern, when that bastard was free, so him talking about a plane hitting the tower didn’t really mean anything to us because we thought it was one of his antics. Like the anal ring toss game. Little did we know that the world had changed when we walked into work that morning.
This morning on the lake with Dog Park Rob was almost identical to that morning 5 years ago EXCEPT there was a shitload of planes in the air. Don’t know why this post but…it got me thinking anyway and the Bore didn’t really give a shit about anything that day, except rolling in a pile of crap.


  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    How many donuts did Bildo bring that morning?

  2. EL HEFE9:51 PM

    I remember Gumby setting up a TV right outside my Italian Style Disaster Preperation for Upcoming Warranty Issues (ISDPUWI) cubicle so we could keep up to the minute on the whole freakin NY thing and Lonis trying to turn it off at roughly 10 am so he could some work done. It was bothering his production. I like watching TV on the clock. Thank you Gums.

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    You know, I just couldn't hear what Swiez was saying. Ya know?!