Thursday, August 31, 2006

Party Kate who?

We’ve been packing more boxes than Ron Jeremy in his prime back in the warehouse. Coal and Union going out by the pallet load. Capita showed up today and it’s gonna be a nightmare as we are out of space here at C3. I needed a pen the other day and because of past history, instead of looking for it in the place where it should be, the pen holder, I looked to the ground. But there was none there. Then I needed to use the tape gun and to my surprise, there was tape loaded in the gun I grabbed. Not only that, all the tape guns had tape. Weird. Then I asked Hor Hey what the fuck was going on in the warehouse as everything was were it was supposed to be. The shipping table was organized, the pens were in there holders so you could find one when needed, the tape guns were all loaded, etc. I was like “George are we a real business? What the hell happened around here?” George replies: “dude, Warehouse Gene Simmons moved to Alaska in May. H2K and Pony Tail Joel are running shit. They don’t know how to exploit the system yet.”

Oh yea. We miss ya Kate.


  1. party kate11:49 AM

    thanks...i'm glad you actually took noticed...because it was hard ****ing work making sure the pens were all chewed to sh*t and on the floor...and using an entire roll of on one box just that the gun would be empty when you came out to the warehouse...sheesh johan..don't you realize..i did all just so that you and i would have something to bicker at eachother about..

  2. Party Kate, sup girl. Next time your back down in the lower 48 let me know and I'll cruise down. We can hook up again like we did at that Nuemo's show. Man, you were so sexy. I miss you. Love Garrett.

  3. Kate, remember when you took your middle finger and used it on me all drunk? Yea...all AK style and shit. BTW, Borgsteads a f*cking bitch ain't he.

  4. So Sexy3:36 PM guys are great..

    yeah sweet lets hook up bro...maybe if you're lucky i'll use my middle finger on you...soooo hot!

    seriously...the borgenator is such a BI*TCH!!!


  5. sasquatchfraser8:36 AM

    that's it!! i'm unloading all the tape guns and hiding the pens on tuesday. plus goin' on strike. ahahahaha....!!!

  6. Enough talk about Kate, lets talk about me going home every day at lunch for a nooner then making Joel smell my finger after.

  7. joojipants1:02 PM

    that finger's all cut up and infected. you should have it checked out, i'm not a qualified physician. plus it would suck to be organized and actually ship some boards on time and sell 'em. (who the fuck wants that?????)
    i need my bubbler now....coughcough.

  8. old kate11:58 AM

    hippies??? pony tails???? bubblers??? stinky fingers??