Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homey in the news

Check it, in high school I hung with two dudes. Griff, who's a story in himself, and Pat Barton. Griff and I raced BMX while Pat was the motocross dude. He was that local ripper that almost became Johnny Super Shred but instead of betting it all and sleeping in the hall, he took the safe route. He has a landscraping business and still races. The moral of the story here...better to regret something you did than regret you never tried. Or something like that.

T-Sabs is a fan of all things moto and heckles me for always claiming Pat when ever he brings up moto shit. Anyway, he called to let me know that Pat got a checkout at 40 years old in Racer X this month.

The shot above is Pat, me, Stick and the man known only as Griff at Stratton On SNow this year. Pat rolls in with an Atomic that had Flow's mounted to it. Freaken free for all on that set up it was.

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