Thursday, August 16, 2018


A year after I went thru my treatment I got tipped off about an old friend from Steamboat who's son was going thru Leukemia and was going to need a transplant.  It's one thing to be fighting thru this as an adult but to see a kid go thru the destruction, it would be brutal.  I got to visit Quade while he was in the hospital too.  They weren't allowing any visitors but his direct family, but when his Dad told the Doctors I had been thru the regiman, they gave me the green light.
When I met Quade, he was exactly as I expected, sitting in a room, medical shit all around him and a Dad with just that look.  We chatted, hugged and hi'5d and I was out of there.  I got in the elevator and pushed down and then just started crying.  The emotion of a kid in there just got to me.
Quade had a full recovery and is back being a kid.  His Dad sent me this vid that the hospital did on him and the people that made his recovery possible.  I had over 50 transfusions during my time in there and it never dawned on me the people that gave for my cause.  I only thought of my bone marrow donor.
So from me, by way of Quade making me recognize, thank you blood donors.  Thank you some 50 plus people that went to the blood bank to donate, not knowing where it went. 

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