Thursday, April 19, 2018

Malkoski Euro Adventure

Seeing how Milo is off to college next year, the wife and I figured that it was time to do a family trip to Europe to show the boys the snowboard and binding factories Dad works with in Austria and Italy.  As well as adding in a bit a shredding and culture along the way.

I asked the boys to give me a list of 3 things they wanted to see or do while over there and Milo promptly came back with a "I got 1 thing I want to do, I don't want to go over to Europe.  There's no way in hell I'm gonna visit a church or some shit like that."  Real adventure out of the teen.

Anyway, Lisa and I's goal was to expand these two young minds, so fuck em, off to Euro we went.

Packing 4 sets of shred gear is tricky seeing how we were renting a Peugeot C4, which was basically a Rav4.  Not lots of room, so less was more.
Everything fit in the bags except for the helmets.
Look at the misery of the boys going thru airport security.  I smile looking at this now. 
Milo, you having a good time?  No?  Good.
Take off.
We landed in Milan Linate after 18 hours of travel.  The boys had an Indian Mom with two kids screaming their asses off for 8 hours sitting next to them.  PuffFECT.
From airport to Union Binding Company where production was in full swing. 

Seeing how molds and plastic injection is done was a little eye opening even for some people that had been up for close to 24 hours. 
These molds weigh more than your car.
From Colico, where the factory is, to Madesimo ski area which was close to the Swiss boarder with the man, myth and Martino.
This is Claudia, Martino's better half and her friend Carla.  Every chick we met in Italy was named Carla it seemed like, and every dude was a Marco. 
This is not a Carla, but a Monica.  Monica is wearing a fox coat with a mink tank top underneath.   Fashion.
This is my new helmet.
Jet lag but smiling.
Good times with the Fumagalli's getting shown around Madesimo for a couple of days. 
The hill is huge.
Apres Spritzers with Lisa.
We AirBnB'd this tiny shit hole but it was close to the Gondy. 

In between the Union Binding Company and CAPiTA Super Corp is Venice, which was a half way point of the drive.  So we stopped. 
Hand off.
"Dad, we really have to go up and down these canals going no where?"

Bought some new kicks.
What your sposed to do in Venice....get lost.
Lisa asked the door woman of Gucci IF we could come in.  We were looking pretty American so...

Off to Feistritz an der Gail Austria and to the Mothership, CAPiTA's factory.  Starting to see some smiles here.
The test slope just closed the week before we got there.
Blue took the family thru EVERY step of production of the boards.  I've done this tour many times but this one was hands down the best to see the family witness how shits made.
Neo Slashers.
Slush Slashers
World Eco Friendly Awards.
Checking out 2019/20 graphics.

Supplies to build fun sticks.
From the Mothership to Nassfeld Ski Area.  Had never been here but I will be back.  5 gondolas on top of another dozen lifts, with tickets for Milo, Mac and I running about $100 for the day.  For all of us.
Blue Montgomery...get it?

Moms gone Nassfeld.
There was a heavy metal festival going on that week with a ton of 40-60 year old Germans in town listening to crap like this.  We were clearly the best looking group of people amongst this crowd.
This gondy took us to the top of a 7,000 meter long run.  Top to bottom. 
The bottom.
Lambo on the drive back to Milan to drop the family off.
Picked up George Kleckner after dropping the family off and headed back to Union for a product meeeting. the easiest way to piss off an EyeTalian. 
The new sneaker rage over there. Horrible.
Forged carbon cutting machine.
Forged carbon forging machine.
China Martino and Italian Scott.
Back to Madesimo for another shred and fashion lesson.
Elbow style.
Hor Hey
When I flew out we had to de plane to change a flat tire.  Someone left a bag on the run way. 
Somehow after running thru the London airport I got upgraded to Business class for the 9 hour flight home.  I will never fly coach again. 
Martino's to Malkoski's home 2 home travel time.  19 hours, 54 minutes of travel.  All worth it especially when Milo and Mac said they wished they were staying in Europe for a week or two more.  As well as saying that they would do a semester or two of college in Europe.  

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  1. The molds are crazy heavy for the size huh? In Michigan we had ones that were tall enough for even you to stand inside of! One broke while being installed one time. Everyone shit and thought the die handler was squashed. He took his time walking out and letting us know he was ok .