Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Holy Bowl Eh

"Dad, no offense but I kinda want to go to Holy Bowly without you." 

Getting to the Holy Bowly was no easy task.  It was during spring break, we didn't know if Milo was getting invited, didn't really have any family's to travel up with and split the cost, but regardless, I bought TWO airplane tickets to Calgary and rented a car hoping it would happen.  Holy has been on MY "to do" list since it started.  I always thought that it would be the event that the boy would shine at and put some effort into getting us both up there.
The DWD dudes said they would take Milo on his own, solo trip style.  Which sounded good at first, but then thinking about my precious Catholic all boys schooled son sleeping in a 3 bedroom condo, on the floor with 10+ men, partying, not cooking, and just being derilicks, that idea was scrapped.
After chatting with Riley about who he knew may be going, Miles Fallon's name came up.  He was rolling up with his pops, Joe and they offered the roll out couch to Milo.  I called Joe, we chatted and he seemed rad.   So when I asked the boy how he felt about me sending him on his first trip alone, across an international boarder, he responded:  "Dad, no offense but I kinda want to go to Holy Bowly without you." 
So off he went and as bummed as I was initially about not going to witness, ride, photo and film everyone getting rad, I was blown away with the boy and what he got accomplished without me there enabling him.   That was the EH in the Holy Bowl eh for me.
Thanks Joe Fallon, Miles Fallon, Mary Walsh, Mia Danials, Krush Kulza, Scott Stevens, Cooper, Matteo and the Dino's dudes for all looking out and bringing out the best in him.  Nice work producing, Gnar_Producer, I'm proud of you.

Joe, Miles and Milo.  Joe, does the room your staying in have a kitchen?  "Yea, maybe, I dont know.  I'm the type of guy that likes to eat out though."

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