Saturday, December 03, 2016

Clueless in Call Me Rad Bro

Sorry but I got to vent after I saw this weed induced post.  How can someone with no experience, sales or clue on how to run a proper snowboard business give the INDUSTRY a much deserved enema?  SIA is a industry owned organization genius.  We, the industry own it.  If you don’t like whats going on with it, get involved.  
Don’t sit there behind a keyboard calling out dudes like @karl175er (Kyle Kennedy), who have more heart, soul and experience in the business than you could ever hope to amass.   Alongside him is Colin Edwards.  You wouldn't know Colin because he previously worked at the largest online snow sports retailer in the world.  I get it, your too cool to actually want to sell your super core shit that you make in Asia because you couldn't figure out how to do it yourselves in Summit County.  All that partying at that super suck-sessful retail establishment you ran out of business must of cut into your development and production time eh?  Anyway, Colin has quite a grip on things and is in there to help with the change going on with in the SIA.  Then there's Nick Sargent.  He came from the Number One snowboard brand ever.  Yes, that one from Vermont.  He worked there for 15 or so years running the largest money making department that didn't sell a product.  These three are steering this ship into the future of SIA. 
Yea the trade show isn’t perfect, but it's convenient.  You know what happens under that roof?   Business.  Maybe that's why you need to “create” your own trade show so you can hang out drinking beers and smoking weed with your like minded bro’s while people that actually build snowboarding products and sell them conduct whats called BUSINESS.  Take that hi5 to the bank from your boi's at the end of the week and good luck cashing it to pay your mortgage.
Pretend to be like you?  Who the fuck are you?  NO ONE, I mean NO ONE ever heard of you until YOU created this trade show which is just a publicity ploy from Nightmare, and not a bad one at that.  Congrats, you’ve done one thing right.  
And before you roll out some "comeback" of what an old balls, never was I am and how I suck at snowboarding, your right I do.  But I smile knowing that my 16 year old kid would put on an absolute clinic to your entire cool guy team and show them what your supposed to do on a snowboard that is built to today's standards.
I suggest you apologize like a man, stop being a whiny pussy, figure out how to get some sales, and then take that bottled up energy and lets work together to build a better industry.
And to all the other brands joining in on this sinking parts with no labor ship, remember one thing, when you hang out with shit, you smell like shit.  
#clueless #youarethefutureofoutofbusiness #hellounemployementline #dontsharethisbecausethesekooksneednomorefreepublicityfromthebacksofrealbusiness


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    damn schfack

  2. Bunch a genius's

  3. Parts and Labor seemed like a good concept, but the fact that this guy was involved definitely lowered expectations.