Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Do you even blog bro?

Got that text the other day...yea well the posts may not be as often as they once were, but I'm a blogger for life BRO!
Here's the haps since the last post, which was when I was at Baldface Lodge and it was FIRING. Thanks again Jeff Pensiero, Brad Schueffle, Colin Edwards, George Johnston, Scott Downing, Chris Wilmoth, Dave Graves, Emmet Klocker, Andrew Racine, Mike Dunlap, Desire Melancon and Jason Steris, you guys made that trip so rad. Anyway, since then this shits been happening making #FUCKYEA2016 a pretty damn good journey...

Apparently I "instill" knowledge into my kids.  I thought it was "enable."
Jim Bob bailed on our Baldface trip and ended up with this.  Torn Achilles tendon.  Dumbass. 
If you BMX'd when BMX was done on flat pedals, then you'd know who Harry Leary is and more importantly what a "Leary" is.  I was pumped to see him wanna follow me so I gave him a follow back.  Mistake.
I made a surprise visit to MA to see my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary where I found out I was born 7 months after the wedding.   I also showed up a day late for the anniversary dinner.  Story of my life.  It was still awesome to see them though, as you can tell from the looks on their faces. While back East, I saw the angle known as Leslie (in the middle) as well as my nephew Jack and sister in law Chris.  This sando, by the way, takes the cake.  Portuguese bread, cheese, tomato and butter, grilled.  Money.  Right coast food is the best food.

Milo's best bro from day two at birth, Big Franky Crap,  stopped snowboarding and skating and is now Lil Frosty and he's in the Wrap Game.  I mean rap game.  Look him up on Soundcloud.   
MotherfuckingBakodaED works for ProGo and sent me this bad boy.  Shit films in 4K, whatever that is.  Incredible though.
Sparky and Stick came into town for a long weekend.  I was college room mates with these two.  Sparky is seen here using a magnifying ap on his phone to read the menu, because he's 51.  This dude is THE main reason I love the mountains so much. 
Sticks no longer a Stick by the looks of this picture.  Dude, eat an apple once in a while would ya?
If you look at Sticks outfit, you can see everything on him was once mine.  These two non-Catholics come out to visit me with empty bags, so they can pillage anything and everything they can.  It may cost them $400 for a flight out to see me, but they go home with a couple G each worth of gear.
Apres ski in full effect.
Throwback photo to years ago, when Stick was thin and Sparky had brown hair.  Bud, next to me...well he still looks this good.  And you should see his calves.
Geoff the bear and Clay the pussy.
The weekend after Sparky and Stick left, Griff came back to town and ordered everything on the menu but only had a nibble.  "Uh, I only have Canadian dollars, I'll buy next time."  Lisa knows his game.
You see the size of that dudes head?  We called the extensions on rear entry ski boots for fat calves, Whale Bails, when I worked in the Sport Stalker Rental Shop in the 90's.  Krauth has one on his hat. 
Mixing all generations of besties.  Oldest with Griff, mid with Krauth and of course One More Tonto for the new gen.  Love all of you dudes.  No homo. 
Art photo courtesy of Griff's Galaxy soft edge 6.5 camera phone. 
6 months to the day that I went into the hospital to serve my time was this photo taken.  Lots has changed in 6 months and I'm grateful for all of it and all that have made time for me.  Thank you. 
Photo on this day...
...and 6 months before.  This was my last visit to the cabin before I was admitted to the hospital. 
True story, Griff needs to pour gas on the firewood to get a fire going.
Good times right here.
Just like we had 25 years ago, still doing the same shit that made us smile then except I had a pony tail. 
Once Krauth left, the boys, Griff and I boarded Air Alaska and made our way to Big Bear California.  MVP Gold status once again allowed our ratty asses to sit in the front of the bus.  WeGnar loves it, Milo thinks its status quo.
Welcome to Big Bear, now go VAPE.
We went for Snowboarder Magazines Launch event.  This is a Superpark style event for 21 and under's.  It was the forth time going for us, and the most productive one for the boys.
As you can tell from Mac's laxin position.
We went to So Cal thinking it would be sun and fun, but wound up getting weather and freshies.
For the third year in a row, Griff made it to the Launch and was the house's personal chef.  Up before everyone with breakfast ready to go.  As well as last man standing preparing all the evenings dishes.  The dude is a machine.  Chad Chomlack and his son Jadyn came down from Whistler for the week and shared our cabin with us as well as put on a photo seminar for Griff and I. 
Natasha and Chad on first chair at noon, to the top for a couple inches of dust on slush. 
Griff photo.  "Dude, look how sick that tree looks!"  Click.
Milo with one of the hundred hand-plants he did during the week.
A-Griff among the mountains.
Super Soccer Mom Natasha helping out her poor son fix "next years" Broke Metal Bindings.  Stick to making boards with wavy edges guys. 
Yep, So Tits with the new new logo.
Gnar and T-Bird working one out.
Pretty much a dream crew.  Chomlacks, Soultrains, Griff, Riley and us. 
7 people, 9 boards, bags, computers and camera's all packed and stacked into a Nissan Quest. 
The dudes all got shots on the daily recaps on Snowboarder Magazine online.  Partly because of my relationship, but more because the boys made lemonade out of lemons.  When all the prima donna's were hot tubing because the weather was less than cooperative, the boys worked the features over and over for the dozen or so photographers that were there to take photos and write stories about snowboarding, not hot tubing.  It helps too that they wear colors to a photo shoot that show up in photos, where most kids showed up for a "photo shoot" dressed in all black. Having relationships with the cameramen and women also played a role.  All part of the life lessons that snowboarding teaches you.  It's not what you know, it's who you know.  

Griff asked this dude that shot for Polish Productions to shoot him on the hip.  I heard the guy tell him that Tail Fishes weren't gonna cut it.

Milo in the background, Matteo in the foreground. 

Matteo and Justin Phipps. 

Bear Mountain stole my shot.  They're getting a bill.
From Big Bear it was time to venture across the pond to Colico Italy for a week long Union Binding Company meeting with Hor Hey and Martino.  I got aisle seat, exit row with no one next to me, which was as good as first class until some dude from first class passed out in the aisle next to me from standing up too fast and pounding too many wines. 
Tons of product ready to ship over here already.
Pig, fat and cheese.
A chocolate balls filled with creme.
Dudes throwing my hat out of the window, down to George after lunch.
Modern construction methods.
30 second exposure.
Our casa on the left.
The Golden Ski. 
Prickly green plant gnocci. 
Baby cow, killed, hammered and fried.
Madesimo ski area.
Tram life with the Terje Haakonson of Colico.
Blue showed up for some cheese, milk and ice creme, as well as to make party.  Early Man was playing.
The better half of Martino, Claudia.
While I was there, Minor Threat 6 went down.  For the first time, I was not there and had to leave the shit talking to Sweaty and Toohey.  Apparently I'm out of a job.  After the Canadians came down and dominated the event, Skykomish was torn a new one. 
Gnar Producer

Love this photo

Golds Gym
The look of two dudes right before the mountains final closing weekend, which is next weekend.  "Huh?"
Party Shark!
Pond skimming
"Oh hey there JERRY!"

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