Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Christmas Break

Although I wasn't present for most of the mountain portion of the break, our friends were good enough to keep me in the loop with what was going on in the snowy hills over break with forwarded photos.

Three amigo's, Matteo, Milo and Mac.  Excuse Matteo's outfit, he's French.  French Mom photo.
Rocky kills it.
Double Gnar.
Mac gave me high and tight trim for Christmas.  Even cleaned up the stash.
Yup, politically correct.
Consumerism at it's best.  We needed none of this.  Except them Glerups slippers.  There titties.
The Big Kids (Wainhouse) took Mac, Owen and Wyatt over to Upper Skull Mountain and apparently they have a hip there.  Chef Sean photo.
Wainhouse, jumped in as big brother and took Milo out to the side country to teach him that you don't just roll up on someones booter and hit it, you actually build it and then hit it.  Oh, and you hit the cliffs along the way there.  Schaffer photo.
Lisa, Tonto, Gorio and I. 

The French kid again and his mom.  Natache taught Milo that tongue and finger thing, whatever that means.
Love that Mac sleeps thru everything.

Pretty much sums up the boys vacation.  Pow and smiles, and that's all you ever really want.  Matt Wainhouse photo.
Happy New Year.


  1. Nice update home fry.... XOXO

  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Holy shit dude! I wondered why the last year my emails were getting booted back - figured you fired yourself or sold out - never ever imagined you took a trip to hell, and back. Helluva birthday, huh. Love you man! drop me a line at mark@shorelinedrywall.com so I can get your contact info... "Willis"