Tuesday, July 21, 2015


CAMPiTA:  a yearly gathering of athletes, company and bro's at Mt. Hood where summer shred happens, along with dirty ass camping, as well as gourmet cooking.  The combo of all three brings together un-like minded people from all over the world on a yearly basis.

This was the fifth annual gathering of CAPiTA pro's, bro's, product hoe's and company dudes at Mt. Hood and hosted by High Cascade Snowboard Camp.  Dudes came from all over this year, Norway, Austria, Japan, Canada, Rhode Island, etc, to shred the glacier by day, parking lot apres in the afternoon and campfire shit talk by night.  Shreds with the names of Kimura, Stevens, Zima, Cocard, Craven, Jacques, Rav, Gerard, Gamache, Rand, Scrubski, Goodale, Worm, Dr. B,  Backstrom, Baily, Bridges, Wainhouse, Trainwreck, Gnar Producer, Matardation, Sam, Duke, Nap Time Twins, Yuska, Bilocq, Paradis, Smith amongst other friends showed up for the 5th year of CAMPiTA.

The Burban, my hotel on top, with the cooking machine in the foreground.  It was Griff and I's job to replace Emmet's cooking duties this year at CAMPiTA, seeing how he bitched out.  So for the first nights edibles we smoked 30lbs of pig in the Traeger and delivered tasty ass tender carnitas to the troops.
That pig was seasoned properly before 9 hours of cooking.
We should of seasoned this fat thing and smoked him.
The Burban was packed to the gills with everything needed for 4 dudes to sleep and shit in the woods for 4 days. 
Hotel Malkoski was set up, while Griff tended to the morning breakfast spot for those in the know.
Some Pollack tried to step to my roof top camping game with no suck-sess.
I call this photo "a pansy in a sea of daisy's."
Milo and Matteo came down to witness how stupid adults can be in the woods when gathered together.
First nights supper getting heated up.  Yawgoon Scrubski was looking to switch carve the shit out it.
Line up bitches.

CAMPiTA staff photog, Joel Fraiser and Deeluxe MANwitDAplan Pete Rosner getting ready to shred.
Dirty ass Marcus Rand post bake, while Griff prepares to lose the van keys.  True story.
Post shred parking lot Apres Ski.
Seeing how we had Austrians at this years CAMPiTA, I thought it fitting to share some of the world class schnapps that I've brought back from Austria with them to make them feel at home.  Sad to say, this bottle of Austrian nastiness never made it to any Euro's mouth.  Wainhouse, Trainwreck, Chris and 2E all approved of it's shitty flavor.
8 - 3" Rib-eyes, perfectly seasoned, masterfully grilled and beautifully buttered for the troops, before being artfully carved to tender slices of incredibleness to feed 45.  #fuckemmet

Griff in a 9 out of 10 stress situation, feeling the pressure to deliver goods comparable to CAMPiTA season pasts meals.  Which he did.   Actually, dude knocked it out of the park.  #fuckemmet
Dream team...#fuckemmet
The General, Pat Bridges made the 30 minute drive from downtown Government Camp to be first in line for meal two, which was made up of:  tastefully sliced and seasoned rib eye, beautifully grilled asparagus and succulent salad.  He came back for seconds.  #fuckemmet
Brendan Gerard taking 10 wacks on the ass from the fiberglass sign for a $100 from Corey Smith.  He bled by wack 4.
The Yawgoons are down with So Tits.
I slid down the mountain without breaking anything this time. 
"Uhhh, I locked the keys in the van.  Why did you give me the keys.  YOU KNOW I'D LOSE THEM!"
Heavy QP action went down on day 3.  HEAVY.
Matardation got some.
The General spent some time with Milo coaching by doing to where Milo walked away from CAMiTA with 10+ plant variations.  Thanks Pat.
Sleepy Stevens is a machine.  NO ONE had the energy on the hill that this 31 year older had, nor could they step to his after shred skate game. 
Nap Time Twins crushing shit.

Mark Goodale came down from Canexico to plant to fakie the hell out of the QP.
Ben Biloqc's air game was touched by no one.
Milo mid egg.
There's still some snow left up there.

Post 4 days in the woods, 1 lake shower for me, none for Griff, lots of smiles, lots of work, and tons of laughs, CAMPiTA 5 was one for the books! 

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