Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May Your-Oh trip

A little pho toe recap of this years May Gyro Land trip.

Airport people are amazing.  This dude was doing a mellow stomach hold outside of Shake Shack.
And his old lady was doing the head down out cold Steve Austin.
Then on the flight from JFK to Milan, German biker boy was running this kit.
Martino standing proudly in front of the Union assembly room.  Proud because we are the only brand in the top 5 that actually produces their own bindings.   Why?  "Binding no for pussy!"   #madeinitaly

From factory dude to landscaper, Marty wears many hats.  Including a DDC Coal colab.
Making Forged Carbon.  Recognize!
Dude squirted Stoner in the respirator, that's why he's smiling.  #highasfuck
Flite Pro's on the assembly line up.
Italian injected Duraflex!

View from our housing in Colico.  Lake Como in the background.
Love doing this shit on fogged mirrors for people to discover on their next shower.
Bruce hadn't discovered his message yet.
Hor Hey and Gums with a mellow apres work salami and cheese fest.
Thor, God of Thunder flew in to have a Morettis with us.
We found this Swiss licensed bad boy on the way to an Italian fort.  1969 Dino, worth around $400G. 

I keyed it before we left. 
God of bs7 Japans, Joni Makenin and God of Thunder, Thor Goodwin enjoying some MABS.
Sundays three hour dinner spot.

Uber pro's are down with the Tits.
Off to Austria from Italy and showed up at the CAPiTA MFG factory where Slush Slashers in all three sizes were in production.
The man with the plan, Michi Kohlman.  While 'B'igger snowboard companies are pulling out of snowboarding and becoming lifestyle brands by producing quilts for Pottery Barn, we're pushing full steam ahead with building our own goods as well as building the most ECO Snowboard factory in the world. #rightcoastKILLSshit
Treehunters pre topsheets showing forged carbon binding plates.

Klara runs R&D at CAPiTA MFG!
Spring Break balsa cores are works of art.
The new factory facility is close to being finished.  Hydro and solar powered, this will be the eco-est of all eco factory's.  The place will shit green in other words.
Gums and Marty.  Those are real smiles too, not some "smile for the camera" shit.
Sigi and Hor Hey on top of the building overlooking Euro Skull Mountain.
Inside the factory.
I took a dump out here in the field.  It was magical.

Almost as amazing as the eco story and progress of the new CAPITA MFG factory was the amount of schnitzel that I consumed while in Austria.
More super cars.  Ferrari 308 GTS and I think a Pantera?
Sell fone
Kohlman family
The Nassfeld ski area is 20 minutes down the road from Euro Skull Mountain and CAPITA's MFG facility.  Place is all time.

Martino likes Magnum ice cream bars, DAILY.  Funny to find out he owns a hand drying machine business and he named them after his favorite ice cream bar.
Aslo Italy.  Been here a 100 times, and it's still incredi.
"Uh I'll have half a pork sandwich today." 

Ex Northwave patriots assembling for a mellow last night of Euro dinner. 
Thor, God of Thunder escorted me to the airport before flying out of there on his own super powers.

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