Thursday, February 05, 2015

SIA 2015

Pho Toe highlights of SIA 2015, enjoy.

I arrived two days before the show and that night my boss hit me with a text that said "David needs your help tomorrow on a panel, give him a call."  David, happens to be the president of the SIA, and the panel was a discussion group about how to increase participation in snow sports.  I went in to this pretty raw, as I read thru some questions and figured that I would contribute to issues vs. be handed a microphone to answer specific questions.  Well Johnny on the spot showed up and Mr. Ingemie ran thru the panel and finally called on me.  Thank God I had two gin and tonics in me to allow the free flow of bullshit that spewed from my mouth to the delight of the people in the audience by the review below.
Corey Smith and Spring Break were in our booth, with this dual swallow tip and tail beauty. 
There were a couple of MAJOR suppliers in the snowboard world that said that they didn't need to be at SIA this year because they have all of their business done before the show.  Then they go and rent out some shitty hall and put on their own showing like some scab workers, trying to pull people from the main event.  Well the REASON we're all under one roof is for convince.  It's EASY and EFFICIENT for our retailers to see ALL OF THEIR VENDORS IN ONE SPOT.  How simple is that?  Anyway, I would like to personally thank the bro's at these other companies for that brilliant decision to not participate because OUR BUSINESS grew at least 20%.  Please stay away next year as well. 
How rad is it when one of your best customers and friends in the business, REQUESTS a hour long meeting at SIA, then pulls your ass in a private room, pulls out a bottle of kick ass whiskey and says "let the meeting begin."
THIS is our new factory.  Hydro and solar powered, the most cutting edge snowboard factory in the world.  CAPiTA MFG.
Two incredible Canucks that used to work with us up north and now run shit at Vans.  Jay Good and Alex Auchu, about to jump on a boat and go to some island in Denver.
Danny Kass's nose is LARGE.
It's an unbelievable feeling to walk by a booth and have a poster of your kid catch your eye.  Again, thank you for all the love Josh Walker and the crew at Bern.
Two of my favorite dudes in the business.  Dale and Kevin from Flow. 
I left SIA on Sunday to go to Copper to get the demo organized.  We got on the hill for a bit and the snow was hard as hell.  I crashed and pulled my hip out of the socket.  Damn this hurt like hell.
But managed to get back on the hill with Kind Bro inc.
Our demo crew is pretty all time.
Flags increased our sales by like 15%. 
Boom, another one in the books.  Thanks SIA for an incredible show, thank you to all the retailers that showed up to do business, all the reps that handled business and to the WWSRA for organizing a great demo. 


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