Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Malkoski Christmas break 2014-15

We took off from Seattle on December 19th and made our way up to the cabin.  The mountain was scheduled to FINALLY open and run the rope tow and the bunny hill lift the next day.  Stevens ended up turning on a double lift and then ran the big lift to people with packs and beacons.  This did this thru out the break, of opening up a lift and giving the pow pow to the dudes that were smart enough to have back country stuff with them, which we made sure we always had.
Some people would say that the conditions in WA are marginal and that they are going to wait until the snow comes to get out there.  I say fuck that, look at how much fun the kids had with what some would call a shitty winter start.  It's not always about sunny pow days, it's more about being outside and getting rad with your bro's.  We rode 14 of the 15 days up there and smiled every day.  Dudes with a smile in this vid are Milo & Mac Malkoski, Matteo Soltran, Keala Cole, Wyatt and Owen Cline. 
Thanks to all our friends that came up and the mountains that continue to turn lemons into lemonade.  Also to Austin from Casual Industrees, the Foss Ramp crew, Mission Ridge for the passes and Stevens Pass for all that hustle. 

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