Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Scott Stevens, Corey Smith, Your Up and the Incredibles

Last Monday I got up at 4:45Am and met Sweaty at the Starfucks by Northgate to hitch a ride to the airport as we were off to our annual C3 Winter Sales Meeting in Villach Austria, home of CAPiTA MFG.   Sweaty and I were flying together to Hot-Lanta to meet up with the rest of the US Sales force, so of course we sat next to each other on the flight.
Which was awesome as he's so fun to talk too...
In Atlanta and ran into these east coasters, a pleasant surprise.
Once in Europe, we met up with our Canadian reps.  In this photo I used the Big Head ap to make Hot Karls head look so much larger than mine. 
Broadwell with that Rochester charm, and our Aussi adopted dude, Linton. 
Outside OUR factory with Kind Bro and Fuck Yea Guy.
Corey Smith was on hand and built a Slush Slasher.
At the factory we were treated to a fire show by one of the finishers, Ramstein music pumping.

Hot wine and apple cider = Gluevine.
WeGnar made the big screen presentation in front of 150 reps, company people, distributors, bankers, mayors and factory workers.
USA won distributor of the year award for COAL.  But were not a distributor, so yea...
4 time Olympian and bronze medalist Sigi Grabner with Party Marty, talking plate bindings and 45 degree plus angles.
Klocker wasn't there to enjoy this.
Day one at the Molltarel Gletsher. 
Kind Bro gave the group of us that always explore new shred lands during sales meetings the name The Incredibles.  There's a dozen or so of us. 
Danimal slashing all the way from Can AH duh.
NCP Sales
These two added so much to the entire meeting.  Down to do anything and everyting.  Thanks boys.
The view from the top of the tram on the Dachstein glacier.  That's a mellow 3,000 feelt below us.
Snow parks
Canadian Jay got busy with some rotational moves right off the bat, while Sweaty played pocket pool.
Mellon to fake eye in front of the boys.
So Tits type of indy.
Schnitzle and Radlers.  Nuff said.
We made out.  No homo.  Yes I wear a tool belt with my overalls.  Deal.
You saw it here first.   Skull Mountain is now in Austria.
Finished off with a mellow dinner in Munich and boom.  9 days in Europe was over.
Good times.  Thanks to everyone involved.

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    Belt with the bibs huh? Interesting.