Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Putting the MASS in ass

Just got back from the yearly family trip to the homeland.  You know the place where people speak properly, drive courteously, are racially correct...all that good shit.  MotherFuckingMASS

The red eye, Seattle to Boston will NEVER be taken again.  No one sleeps on overnight flights.  Day wrecker.
Just off the jet and down route 3 so the boys could meet their bro's at Bern Helmets. 
Then to Grammy's to show her the So Tit's Snowboarder Mag segment and the Wet Gloves movie.  I think she was a little confused.
Her scooter is a hero, so whatever.
THIS is Southeastern MA in the summertime.  Eating shitty fried food out of milk jugs and windmills that are only open for 3 months out of the year. 
But that menu is pretty all time.  Portuguese food, lobster rolls, stuffed quahogs...dude, I got to take a shit.
Fishing with Racine, Pops, Dr. B and the kids out of R.I. all around Block Island was a blast.  Kids watched Dr. B put down a 12 pack of Coors Lights and not act any different than he did when we got on the boat.  Which led to a discussion about Coors Light with Mac.  "Son, those are called all day beers.  Pregnant women can drink then, same as dudes operating heavy machinery."
Gnar reeled in a 28" stripah!
Dude was not feeling his fingers in the fishes gills though.
Milo landed a Portuguese delicacy, Scup.
Then reeled in a good size blue fish.
Grampa Bob thinking about how he didn't land a fish on this trip...
These are called Jimmy's, not Sprinkles.  "Hey guy, put some fucking sprinkles on my ice cream, would ya!"
Yea, I don't know what to say about this behavior.  Coors Light? want me to teach you how to fish or what?
Quahogs, not clams.
Proper south coast breakfast sandwich:  Portuguese bread, American cheese and linguica.
Wayno knows whats up.  Full drive by so he could see that Milo is 2" taller than him.
People still tan back east, oil and all.  This walrus's skin was like shoe leather.
Uncle Griff with a proper toe up the beach road at Round Hill.
Marblehead and Salem MA, college years.
To Stevens Pass aerial shot.  Flew right over our cabin in Sky too. 


  1. Coffee Milk7:56 PM

    Mass in the ass, and the ass in class. Proper.