Saturday, August 16, 2014


Stacked, packed and heading down to Hood to get jacked.
 Stopped by Yobeat.  Boys got to skate the mini with Brooke. 
 Brookes travel wall.  Real college chick like, which was nice to see.
 Cause most of the time she has to act like a dude with all the testosterone she surrounds herself with.
 SoTits tagged their van.
 The drop off at HCSC for the kids.   Milo was like "later dude, get the hell out of here Dad."
 Which left Griff and I alone in the woods. 
 Mellow camp fire style with Cocard, Rav and Joel.
 Met up with Brad Krohn who worked at Powder Tools in the 90's.  His kit was very 90ish still. 
 Daily drive of truth back to the woods routine. 
 Come on Poler, give me a fucking ad would ya?
 Kitted up the shitter this season with some pipe insulation.  Made the bunz real happy during morning shitz.
 Rolled ankle and all, Milo still loved that hip.
 The snake run was redick.  Griff in the midst of whip lash.
 You axed for it.  He delivers.
 Gnar bruised his heel skating at Windells.  Two days off the snow, but managed to go white water rafting.
 Milo snagged a into the future deck out of the truck and gave some Corey Smith action a rip.
 7 days at camp, not one shower.  And he was proud of that.
 Owen is all time.
 He was smiling cause I dialed him into heaven.  Bugals and canned cheese.
 Sleepy Stevens with a judo air to fake eye.
 Wainhouse is a cat.
 Crank yanker
 Whoa...Scott Stevens is down with the So Tits crew?  DUDE.
 Joey Fava is the shit!
 Griffs breakfast bagel.
 Racine showed up from RI, seeing how Dr. B was giving away free teeth.
 THIS is Mt. Hood in the summer. 
 Campfire was rolling 50 deep at this point in the week. 
 Saying something really interesting I bet.
 Wainhouse again, mid rotation to stomp.
 Travis Claughton
 Benny Milan out of MN can boost.
 Brisse checking out Klockers t-bones
 Most of the CAPiTA team was at CAMPiTA, so why not sneak peak the movie to them, in the woods, outdoor theatre style with a bunch of close friends.  Best premier I've ever been too.
 Homeward bound after a week in the woods and the boys at camp.  Stuffed.
 So Tits / Sick Dawg kids.
 10 minutes into the drive home.  Brotherly love.
 Mellow skate stop.
 To a proper C3 Company preview at a theatre of Defenders Of Awesome 2, Stay Bad Ass in Seattle.
 To a rep salesmeeting to round out the last dozen days.  I'm fucking tired.


  1. Why'd D12:38 PM

    Love the post camp shit bucket piled on top of everything in the back of the rig...sanitary.

  2. Always a bag in the bucket. No shits ever touched that plastic. No ass on that padding.

  3. Why'd D2:38 PM


  4. Hanes? comeonbrosrsly