Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The REAL R&B 4 story

Little 4 paragraph story in there.  Simple, Dad like, should instigate hate on the site.  I have some screen shots of riding if you need as well as a bunch of stolen instadildo photos.  Hard to write a "YoBeat" style story about a contest so Northwesty.  Everyone’s so nice and liberal and every just gets along...it's all so nice that sometimes the shit makes me wanna stick a fork in my eye but it was a fucking wicked rad event.  The kids were insane on how fucking good they flow thru shit like this, and it was even funnier seeing how gripped all the old men (cruiser class) were to try and flow thru the sections except for Todd Schlosser who fucking milked it by coming into the Cruiser class and destroying all of us.  There was 18 old men, so rad. LBS style.  This event could go on tour, true snowboarders having to navigate a hill, berms and jumps that aren’t manicured to perfection.  Anyway, that's what I got for you, make it work.

Frequency coverage.
Lib Techs coverage.

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