Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shits just ass backwards

I just don't get it.  People flock to the mountains in groves during November and December to get their ski on.  For the most part, the snow blows, the base is thin, the parks are pinner, weathers cold as fuck and there's flocks of clowns trying to start the season where they left off and you almost get taken out every run.  Then April happens and the snow pack is all time, jump lines are built to perfection, suns out, it's warm, the base is 100" +, it's not raining, not snowing or anything else that should give people an excuse to sit on their asses. It's perfect in the hills people. But for some reason, people don't go shushing.  Instead people have moved on to golfing on a soggy ass course, or biking on slick as fuck trails, skating in cold weather, or some other shit your sposed to move on too in the spring time.  I don't get it. 
Rhythm and Bruise this next weekend at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort.  After this weekend, the hill closes down. Without a dirt patch showing...WTF.

Doesn't the above look fun?  Ripping around the hill with your bro's hitting everything in site?  Nah, I'd rather cut my lawn and pull some weeds.  


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