Monday, April 07, 2014

Minor Threat 5

Saturday April 5th, the 5th annual Minor Threat jump line contest went down at Stevens Pass.  Put on by CAPiTA, COAL, Union, SnoCon, Casual Industree's, Pow Gloves, VZ Goggles Thirty Two and Stevens Pass.
Below are some stolen photo's off the Gram of the event.

8 AM and the course was still getting tweaked by the Top Flite Crew.  Stevens Park dudes built an amazing jump line for us. Thank you Shane and Brian.
 Riders meeting where I'm saying some real inspiring shit.  Dude comes up to me right after and goes "you're from MA right?" 
The other John with out a plan.  He and I like to think we know what we're doing but in all reality our plan always falls to shit and we wing the hell out of the contest.  Logic's one hell of a wing man though.

Kids came from Hood, Whistler and Spokane.  4 hours north, south and east.  Thanks to all that traveled.

Wyatt with another win and the Martin Irish twins.
 Triple Truth, Jaden and Finn.
Mat Savage trophy's getting put to use.
 Golden Boy, Diego and best looking shred Chad.
 You want your kids to win a contest, then throw your own.
After awards tradition.  Canada vs. USA.  Full on battle royal.  USA, back to back World War Champs for a reason.

HBD Julie
After party at the Stabbin Cabin was so packed, we had to send guests to the wood shed to hang out.

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