Monday, February 10, 2014

SIA 2014, a shit storm.

Holy hell week that was.  I was supposed to fly out to Denver on Monday morning to an awaiting crew of dudes that showed up the day before and get huffing building the three brands booths, but when I got back to Seattle from the cabin, I was informed that our house had been broken into.  Seems someone found the 40' ladder I left out back and used it to get into the house thru the kids bedroom window that we left open so the house would breath while we were gone for the weekend.  I didn't realize that our house would be breathing all my wife's gold, a change jar and some crack head rifling thru our financials.  On top of that, the house next door got hit, so my wife was haired a little more than normal when something like this happens, and when your husbands about to be out of town for 9 steps up the intensity a bit.  So SIA was off to a rough start, to say the least.
After a mellow $200 plane change fee, I arrived at 6PM, just in time to take the booth building boys out to a nice dinner.  LoLa was the place, Mexi was the taste.  At 3AM I'm awakened to the feeling of a late night piss, so off I went to the bathroom when all of a sudden, shit decided to fly out my mouth, then ass, then mouth again, for the next 48 hours.  You see our buddy Frank puked all over our cabin randomly on Saturday, and I was the lucky dude to clean it all up.  Frank not only passed this bug on to me, but his dad and WeGnar as well.
Thursday started the show and all I had eaten that week was a Jamba Juice, water and a nugget of a breakfast burrito.  15 lb. at least were shed from my 190lb adonis like chiseled frame.  People were asking me if I was "all right" the whole day.  Luckily I used the "yea, just been smoking heroin all week" excuse and then they shut the fuck up.
Thursday and Friday were typical busy ass long days at the booth.  Friday night led us to the Rider Poll, where Pete Line and MFM put on the comedy show of a lifetime, as well as Desi Melancon acceptance speech for Rider Of The Year, making this the best Riders Poll I've ever been too.  Saturday was a mellow "network" day with assorted industry bro's. Sunday we left to Copper to get the place set up for the demo and I got the pleasure of riding with Batallion's bro's Dennis and Danny, as well as Sandbox's Kevin Sansalone.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty epic demo riding days and Tuesday night I was back home to our little invasion palace.
A whirlwind 9 days, that I'd like to forget, but I won't because in the 23 years I've been going to SIA, this one was the easiest, smoothest, least boozy, cheapest expense report and most productive one that I've ever done.
So here's to you Mr. Break-in for setting my week on its side and having it all work out in the end.  Good luck with all them Euro Doinklets and washers that were in my change jar.

CAUTION, there are POOP shots in this photo montage...
"Hey you, any of you guys sober? I need someone to blow in my breathalyzer so I can drive home.". "Only if you give us a ride back to our hotel.". "Ok, now blow int this thing and hum so the machine knows your real."
 Ess Eye Sea Kay as a dog.  Cold sweats, hot flashes and Jamba Juice.
 Combo platter of puke and poop.  This would be my last solid anything for 6 days.
 As this is what my shit looked like for the next weak.
 Speaking of crap, Chappy came out of the woodwork and is BACK!
C3 Rep diner at Sasa Sushi.  Best sales crew I've ever worked with.  And that's saying something cause them dudes at Northwave were pretty all time.
 Danger Pony and her dude Mark.  Readers Choice TWS award!
 Sleepy was nominated for some TWS award that he should of won. 
 THIS is how you have a business meeting at SIA with your biggest account.  YEP.
 Needless to say, we stayed Bad Ass in Denver.
 The South Easts finest Raymond Lamar Bradley and Italy's most American citizen, Marty.
 Preston and Jack did a hell of a job hosting the Riders Poll.  Thanks fella's.

 The Guch with a humble acceptance of his legend award.  Yea, I kinda teared up on that one. 
Jen and Mat, Bad Asses.
 The Mick's got a good sense of humor.
 Some next level goods from Mr. Corey Smith, Spring Break and CAPiTA.
 Sweat Dog and Sesh Dog, barking at the ladies.
 "Uhhh, where you want to go to dinner tonight?"
 NETWORKING with Dutch from Volcom.  4 beers worth.
 Tech 9's been doing this shit for 20 years.  KEEPING IT REAL.
 Look at MFM going for a schmeeb shot.  Too funny.
 Mr. Rehyberg signing an auction deck that Chappy bought supporting Wasatch Equality.
 Shits were looking better by show end, but still had some multi wipes going. 
 The road to Copper on Sunday.  Matty G and Kyle Fisher. 
 One run on the slopes, and you forget you were on concrete for 4 days talking about snowboards.
 Kevin Sansalone fucking rips.  Still.  PERIOD.
Watching the Stupid Bowl in Denver, with Donkey fans was pretty fun.

Our setup at the Copper demo is pretty titties. 

Finally.  A solid guy came out on Tuesday.  Only took 8 days.  Welcome home Mr. Hanky.

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