Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dirt Snowboarding

Dude...I know. Matt Cummins said for years, "get yourself some bikes. It's just like snowboarding." We put it off for long enough.

This summer we took our shit boxes up to Stevens and rode the bike park and did nothing but smile. Hmmm, riding a chair lift with your kids in the summer? Kinda cool. Strapping the helmet on and then following your rats tearing down a mountain carving left, right, pinning it on the straight aways and getting air? Even cooler. Using the cabin and getting out of the city in the summer? Sick. Buying enduro/downhill bikes for 3 of us? Sketchy. To even get in the game, we're talking $3G each for a bike that's just above a shit box level. Then the connections came in.
We know XXX from EVIL bikes, and he was willing to get us kitted with some $6G bikes for a nice price, but that was gonna set me back $10G or so and there's no fucking way that was gonna happen. Then A-man came to the rescue and "connected us" with a future W.W.D. who runs shit at Diamond Back. Dudes a former Pro BMXer from the East so I knew talking to him, he'd just point us in the right direction.
Next thing I know, I got 56 items out of my basement up for sale on E-Bay. Kids bmx race bikes, frames, my 25 year old race cruiser, Santa Cruz Heckler, used boots, used clothing, Nike SB Tiffanys, contest won snowboards, goggles, camera's...fuck you name it, I had it up for sale. We were determined to not spend a dime on this new found fun.
After 4 weeks of listing and re-listing and then shipping, we sold it all and ended up with almost $14G worth of rolling metal for a 1/3 of that price. Milo got a Diamond Back Scapegoat, I got a Diamond Back Mission Pro and the Gnar got his ass a tricked out Specialized Grom 24" with after market bouncy things that our new BMX friend is determined to upgrade even more.
We did a half a dozen times at the bike park at Stevens, and loved it. We've been going down to Greenlake and hitting the jumps there and then a week ago we went to Duthie bike park that was nothing but a smile maker.
Logics kid even got into the mix and convinced pops to seek out a rig for his ass. And thank God, cause even though I started racing BMX bikes at 14 years old and rode til I was in my 40's, my two kids are cleaning my clock at every aspect of ripping on a bike. The only thing I can do better than them is use the front brake and load the bikes in the truck. But having Frank along is incredible. He and I are evenly matched, even though he's new to this. We look at the drops and jumps and it's like being on the hill. "Johan, you man up and do that, I'll do it."
Anyway, you were right Matt.  Guess that's why your still a pro. 

Franks new name is the Shaft, as he rides in Catholic School uniform while the boys got kitted with some DaKine goods.
Eye-Fone shitty photos tell the story.  Checking the drop before sending it. 

Gnar of course guinnie pigged it. 

Goal post thru the trees was pretty cool.
Gnar with a drop to step up.
Big boy jump line here.  Milo was missing for 45 minutes or so.  We met up and he goes "check it out Dad."  Then pins it over a 20'+ right handed hip.  "Dad you should follow me off this."  Fuck you punk.  Then we walk down to the next gap that's 25'+ and he asks if I think he can do it.  Like I'm qualified to answer it?  "Uh sure."  And sends it.
Shit looks big in the shitty photo and it looks even bigger standing next to it when your kids 15' in the sky.
Thanks E-Bay.  Good to know your still good for something.


  1. Everything is everything. Boards, bikes, bloggs: they're all tools for fun, that's all.

    Hyped to do some laps with the squad at Stevens. Duthie season is starting for me soon, see you out there. I pedal two laps around the XC trails, throw in a couple of the weaker swooper lines, and get the F outta there before I start riding off wood ladders or considering jumps.

    WWD. Straight up. Glad to be involved. It takes a village. Or whatever.

    Minor correction: Hambone hails from Florida. Explains a lot.

  2. Also sorry about Whistler. You're so fucked.

  3. Will Skull Mountain be Washington's newest year round resort? Or turn sweaty's lot into a pump track.

  4. It would be so great if da PASS would get on the MTB lift access again..

    A-man Florida is on the EAST you wierdo..

    MILO is the shit!!!!.. There so many dudes that are shook by that jump. Good onya boy!!!

    Wenar dont you worry we are going to get your bike set up for massive airtime!!!

    WWD in training OUT!!!!

    1. Attn no-Flo Rida: wangstate is its own thing. Not the South, not East Coast, just Florida. I've learned this.

  5. Gnar Bros are the shizzzz!

  6. Just catching up over here. Those little dudes... snow, dirt, stacks of telephone books (They still make those. I know this because a couple times each year I have to move them from my front step directly to the recycling bin) Is there anything they cannot tear through?

    Nice moves.