Monday, July 22, 2013

To hell and back

Gnar, not really but I did go on a whirl wind trip back east last week, to a 100% humidity and 95 degree temps.

Flew out last Two's Day.  Business ELITE upgraded.  These seats did everything but give you a hando.
Danny boy picked us up at JFK and off we went to Philly with a quick stop for a chicken cutlet and a sixer of Corona's.
Got to Philly just in time to get walked on stage with the Wise who were playing with Sublime.  Small outside show.  But this dude was the highlight.  I guess this is the first time he's been out of his house in 10 years cause he's got aggrophobia.  He talked with Fletcher over Facedildo and Fletcher MADE HIM come to the show.  So the dude did, then got on stage, unplanned and asked his chick to marry him.  PFG!
Tiny Teeth.
Backcountry Trent is now Urban Outfitters Trent.  RanDumbly ran into him at the enormous campus of 1,000 employee's.
This was the view out our hotel rooms window in NYC.  Eidfal Tower?

Hot dog stand on the Corner to some, downstairs misty bar to the stars in the basement.
We met up with Craig Wetherby, a photo dude in NYC.  Met this dude here, he's the drummer for TV on the Radio and Santigold.  Coal ambassador.  Anyway, Craig gave us the most insane tour of places in NYC that no regular "jerkoff" could get into.  Thanks Craig.
Ran Dumb Blee, Jimmy from SLC blurts out Brads name and in another eXclusive club we went. 
This place.  Bottles were like $700. 
Then to the Box to see this. 
and this
and this...and then some dude with prosthetic arms do a strip dance.  Shit was indescribable.
Hello Boston.
4 of these in 36 hours.

Cockroaches of the sea.
Pops having a mellow one or four at the Black Bass.
High School Reunion.  Barton and Grips.  I think Barton could be running some Ed Hardy gear here.  No? Dartmouths finest.
Moms, Finest a shot of Bartons Crocs and the boom box.
Not clams.  Little quohogs or little necks. 
Left Dartmouth MA at 8:30 AM, to Boston, to NYC to Seattle to Skykomish.  Got here and had this cocktail with Lisa at 8:30PM.  Just a cool 15 hour travel day. 
Rode the bike park the next day with these guys.  I had a Trek Session 8, and these guys had their hard tail shit boxes.  Milo put on a clinic there.  WeGnar rode balls to the wall.  Gonna be a little poorer come next summer with the investment into some new machines for them. 
Not I-Padding


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    More selfies Johan.

  2. 7 out of 25, 27% of the photos on my blog about me, not that bad, no?