Friday, May 03, 2013

Slippery Hot Dog

Holy shit was he good meat chucker.  I know those multi rotation no grab to late grab spins look like crap, but there's something I really like about em. 


  1. it's because when he finally DID grab, it was sick looking

    and he was mega sideways, when nobody else was

    and he's fucking mobbing

    and he's jamming off mountain parts and you can tell nobody's sure if he's gonna make it, including him

    shit's rad

    when rad dudes are sketchy it means they're getting radder. A totally different style than dialed-ass run after dialed-ass run

    okay coffee'd up let's roll

  2. Case in point, Arthur Longo at the Euro X-Games pipe. Linked recoverys run was exciting as fuck.

  3. i like em too, when he did get around to grabbing he got it solid and poked, and no reverts.sketchy can be/is exiting. i wonder what hes up to now?

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      here he is/was... at 2011: