Friday, May 31, 2013

And they wonder WHY we still hate them?

I love this site, Unofficial Networks.  Yea it's a ski site based out of Tah-Bro but who cares.  It's pretty funny, has some rad stories in there, like this one on GoBro.  But when I saw this one today, man it just kicked my dick in the dirt again to why I can't stand skier atti-DUDES.  Unofficial + Crystal + Alta = RACISTS.

Fuck em. 
Oh and Brooke, if your gonna re-blog this, footnote the source and then incite a riot amongst your younger audience.  Thanks. 
YObox out.


  1. I already covered dual snowboards once. I think that was enough.

  2. This is about a ski web site, not quite as good as your snowboarding lifestyle website, trying to clown snowboarding. A good intense defense trumps a weak offense.

  3. I feel like a kid watching his parents argue.