Monday, April 15, 2013

To feat???!!!

Woke up at 6:30AM at the cabin on Saturday to the report of 12" in 24 hours. HOLY shit, April 13th and it was cold as shit, and light as CO snow. Hit a couple of avy debris boulders, but all in all - day was incredible.
Milo Slater got pitted.
WeGnar Occoloppo getting barreled.
Unfortunately for the rats, on Sunday they got up and started shit around the cabin, so I left their ass there.  And there was another foot of snow on top of the day before.  Temp was a little warmer and it was Baldface epic style out there til noon.  And we had this many people show up on a Sunday to get some, cause they heard about it from the people that got it on Saturday.  KEEP YOUR TRAPS SHUT PEOPLE.
 The kids fucked up.  But I came home to their improvisation.  The last of Skull Mountain.

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