Friday, April 19, 2013

This weeks motivation

I watched this shit everyday this week for motivation.  

"You don't see me going to mother fucking Wall Street, picking up a fucking briefcase and trying to type do you?"

 This interview of Scotty Wittlake is pretty on point too.  ‘I don’t understand. When is enough going to be enough?’ I doubt anyone will ever get to a point in their life and say, ‘Perfect, I reached the amount of money I was looking for.’

And of course, you can't forget the Micheal Jordon of motivational vids.

"Before you say anything, prepare to shut the fuck up."

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  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    How about the big tuna.....

    OK, fellas, I'm Bill Parcells. I'd like to welcome you to the New York Jets. …

    We're not interested in players who have problems. We want you to put all the problems you have behind you. I don't need guys who have pregnant girlfriends that are calling them on the phone and all that sh*#. …

    I don't like guys that think they're important. I don't like guys hanging out in the bars with New York Jets sh*# on, walking around like you did something. You haven't done anything yet …

    Tomorrow will be your first exposure to the media. I don't want to hear anything about how you're going to do, about how great you are, or who you're gonna beat out … The New York press is very difficult and I'm going to say this a couple of times: Don't think they're trying to be friends with you … Be suspicious.

    If you're sensitive, you're gonna have a hard time around here. I have a bad temper. I swear, I yell, I do a lot of things. If you're sensitive, you're gonna have a hard time. If you're not sensitive, you'll get along fine. …

    See you in the morning.