Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watch this shit now

Dude, find 36 minutes today and sit down and watch this full screen with a beer and enjoy.  20 years ago, Anthem was the Art Of Flight to the snowboard world.  Not because of double corks and helicopters though but because it was all the most progressive kids in snowboarding doing their thing in the same place everyone else was doing their thing, just radder.  No super booter snowboard parks, just hit lines and natural features all over the hill that the kids that were pioneering a lifestyle (snowboarding is a lifestyle, not a sport) were destroying.  Yea, you'll get thru the first three parts and say "wtf, 3 pro's and the most they spin is a 540 all hula hoop?"  I know 12 year olds are stacking harder footy that this these days, but that's not the point.  These dudes were the ones that pioneered this shit.  They had no one to look to for inspiration but themselves.  Stevie Alters boardslide down that wooded double kink handrail is so sick.  Todd Richards whole part is insane too.  Think about that for inspiration.  That dude was 20 years old back then and argueably in his hey day and now at 40 he would make himself look like a fool snowboarding against himself.  Yea, wine gets finer over time.  And that animated part 10 min in?  "Dude...did you see me?  What up brah?"  Man...that was repeated daily in the shop by all of us over and over.  Why?  There was no over saturation of shred media so we had to buy the movies if we wanted to see what the progression was of the lifestyle that we were all trying to live.  How sick would it be to have Anthem 2 filmed today?  Same style natural hits, logs, stumps and jumps but with todays kids getting after it?  Anyway, enough nostalgia happy anniversary Anthem.  Thanks.


  1. DUDE. I quit even mentioning these vids a few years ago. I can't find anyone who will listen. People had different styles, shit was new, it was so great.

    But this one, Caffeine, a couple others: definitely "snowboarding" for me. We wore them out. Had to drive into Denver to get the Offspring CD hahahaha

    Beaver Run Apartments #402. or was it #304? 202? Long time ago.

    I'm glad I was there though. I hope kids are a part of something as cool these days.

    I wonder what it'd be like. Maybe I'd be super stoked on __________ (so out of it I can't even pull a proper current reference).

    But yes just watched (fullscreen with a beer, as per instructions):
    that a-basin cat track gap
    todds F and R on spoon nose Morrows
    Ledges run at Vail
    Adam Merriman going ape at Vail Pass

    LOVE IT!

    I got a couple on VHS I don't know how to watch if you want them...

    1. burning down 70 to wax trax to get the offspring, heading back to abay to hit the cat gaps and various stump ollies in and around the woods followed by loveland pass laps under the moonlight while beer and weed was flowing...

      now kids join gyms, get hooked up with sports agents and are endorsed by "energy" drinks. what a fucking farce snowboarding has become.


    2. That's because it's a sport now, not a lifestyle.

    3. dude no joke I think it was called Wax Trax. The store in Silverthorne didn't have it, so we trekked into Denver.
      I'm gonna buy this shit on iTunes to get over-amped for tomorrow!

  2. "Dude...did you see me? What up brah?"
    I still use that! In a heckling manor only. Nobody needs to see me.

  3. it takes you 36 minutes to drink a beer?

    1. Longer, I'm gluten free. So more like a Hahhhd Cidah.