Friday, February 01, 2013

Pee Dubs

Got to see the boys 6th show back together last night and it didn't disappoint. Sabs and I had dinner and heckling conversation with Fletch before the fact, so the forplay for me was over the top.  Fletch dedicated "Perfect People" to "my buddy Johan know where your from."  A shout out to all the Blue Ridge folks. 
Check the Bro Hymm stage cast of characters, Kass, Stuart, Walker, Melnek...too funny.
Good shit boys, thanks for the show.  See you in Seattle.


  1. like I can't even sigh any more.

    god dammit.

  2. dvs are making gongs? god damn this economy.


  3. Fuck that shit, couldn't get in. I'ma be in Japan when they come through Portland, so I guess I can't complain too much there. Still pissed, though-o-o-oooh.