Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Year ago, already?

Man time fly's.  It was a year yesterday that my family and I drove by one of our mountain friends and two of his getting hauled out of Tunnel Creek, dead.  In the last year the shit's been sensationalized by the media, manufactures and tall tales being told over and over.  The New York Times did an amazing piece of journalism on it, while ABS Backpacks is trying to capitalize on it.  Hi 5 to one, fuck you to the other.  Since this went down, you now see regular guys running around the mountain, in bounds with their $1,200 airbags on in case a avy rips out on one of the blue square runs that was groomed that morning.

Anyway...yesterday was the memorial celebration of Jim's, Johnny and Chris's lives. And it as an awesome one.  Friends and family flocked to Stevens Pass for a quick gathering in the A.M.
Bottle service, coffee and muffins were provided.
The former Mayor of Skykomish was present with coffee in hand.
Friends lined up for a quick one from Nate and Jules.  The dudes put together a little check list for people to do during the day.  "Get out of your comfort zone, do some stupid shit, cause that's what the boys would be doing."
Chris's girl got up there and lit the crowd up with a couple words and a smile.
Billy and I hiked Cowboy, looked down at Tunnel Creek and said hello.  Then did our best powder 8's down Intermediate for the fella's.
Blue bird day in WA?  Someone was looking out.
On the drive home, at the corner where the first picture was taken, at about the same time I shot that last year, I shot this.  An enormous eagle flying over Tunnel Creek.  Pretty rad. 
The kids and I always say hi to the dudes when we drive by the corner at Tunnel on Highway 2.  You should too.

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