Friday, December 21, 2012

Best worst read ever

I started to read this yesterday when Rudolphs girlfriend linked this story on Facebook. I didn't realize there were 6 chapters that continue on and a 10 minute movie about the whole story at the end. Sit down, grab a coffee, or beer and prepare to read the best documented story about one of the worst deals ever. It's going to take an hour.  So prepare accordingly. 
THIS is a game changer on how shits to be written going forward. RIP Chris, Jim and Johnny.


  1. I'm only into it for the presentation, honestly. I don't want to read it.

  2. Read it, worth it. Answers a ton of questions, make you realize you NEVER want to be in that situation.

  3. Just got off the phone with my dad, as he pretty much read the whole thing to me. I'm trying to interrupt the whole time: "dad--yeah--dad--uh read it online it's amazing--dad--yeah that's the Barrier chair, they turned it into a quad called Skyline like forever ago--dad--yeah--I was up there that day and I called you and Mom as soon as we saw the trucks--yeah--dad--hey--okay fuck I'll read it--just check it out online dad--yeah. Dad."
    Lots of factors seem to have been at work that day, and I'm not into the armchair quarterbacking on stuff this heavy or when I wasn't there. All I'll say is it's cruel and unfair these people paid with their lives. Sobering to know that this crew were way more experienced than my squad is, and it still can happen.
    I had one of my best days ever on snow yesterday up in the Stevens BC. I didn't know these people, but a little of them was with me. I hope it stays.
    It's special what we get to do out there. Enjoy it and respect it, I guess.
    My crew has wives and kids now. I can only imagine what that's like, with all this shit.

    Great article, heavy article, great presentation. You're right.